[ Luzalma Gonzalez - Art Director ]

Search Responsibly


The internet search bar is today’s ultimate confessional. Unfiltered, people turn to the internet to search for everything… even those things they’re ashamed to say out loud. Extremist groups use these searches to identify potential new members and lure them into rabbit holes of propaganda, conspiracies, and fake news sites. We leveraged the same technology to recognize at-risk individuals and lure them to seek help.



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Free Radicals


CCO: Alvar Suñol
VP, Digital: Michael Sotelo
CD: David "Cuervo" Alvarez
Art Director: Luzalma Gonzalez
Copywriter: Johann Lopez
Content Strategy: Samantha Lemoine
Web Developer: Jamil Bonnick
Editor: Pablo Colella


One Show

Merit - Creative Use of Data

Adweek's Project Isaac Awards

Gold - Best Practices: Data Invention
Gold - Marketing and Advertising: Brand Performance Invention

Webby Awards

Finalist - Digital Campaigns
Finalist - Online Guerrilla & Innovation